Contest Briefing Session (1)

14 June 2022
Contest Briefing cum

Sharing of 2021’s Winning Project Teams

Topic : How does the next generation of Smart Living applying big data and artificial intelligence?

Speaker : Mr. Jordan Cheng
Jordan is the founder of the “MAD Gaze smart glasses” project, the global champion of the last Maker in China SME Innvoation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest in 2021. The company’s self-developed smart glasses successfully occupied the first place in the Chinese market as early as 2020 and ranked second in the world.

Topic : Green technology - the trend that will shape our lives in the coming decade

Speaker: Mr. Martin Chu
Mr. Martin Zhu, a current PhD student (supervisor: Dr. Edwin TSO) in the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on understanding the fundamentals of heat transfer, energy conversion, and engineered materials. He strives to integrate theory and experiments to create innovative solutions for enhancing phase-changing, air cooling, dehumidifying, thermal management, thermal rectification, micro-droplet manipulation, and energy-efficient building technologies. Incubated by HK Tech 300 program, he and his team formed the startup, i2Cool, to commercialize their cooling technologies developed in the laboratory for energy saving. Empowered by the self-developed and ever-improving products, as well as fueled by the highly adaptive and long-term strategies, i2Cool successfully attracted interest from various sectors of society, creating a significant social impact by contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality.

Topic : Cryomicroneedle for transdermal delivery of cells and drugs

Speaker: Mr. Colin Ng
Mr. Colin Ng is the Founder and CEO of Greater Bay Biotechnology (GBB), the Second Runner Up of the 2021 Maker in China International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Competition Hong Kong chapter. GBB is a business incubated by the CityU HK Tech 300 program and HKSTP Ideation program. GBB focuses on the research, development and commercialization of transdermal drug and cell delivery technology (including microneedles, Framework Nucleic Acid (FNA) as drug carriers), and diagnostic technology.

Cryomicroneedles (CMNs) is an innovative drug-device combination product, which allows effective storage, transportation, and in situ delivery of living cells, biologic and drug and has many applications including insulin delivery for minimally invasive treatment of diabetes, immuno cell therapy for skin cancer, etc. GBB was selected as one of the 45 outstanding achievements at the First“Light of Innovation” Outstanding Achievements of SME Technological Innovation, organised by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in November 2021.  Over 300 technological innovation achievements recommended by various Mainland provincial SME service agencies, relevant industry associations, APEC member economies and other channels competed for the award.  GBB is the only company in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to receive this award.

Moderator:Ms. Alice So
Alice is Head of Entrepreneurship of Cyberport. She has dedicated support to Hong Kong start-ups for over a decade, leading the Cyberport Entrepreneurship Team to nurture talents and assist startups at different stages to accelerate in the global digital tech industry by offering financial support and professional services via Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and Cyberport Incubation Programme. Alice frequently takes part in judging and assessment panels of signature technology awards and innovation funding schemes such as the Hong Kong ICT Awards, JUMPSTARTER etc..

Date : 14 June 2022
Time : 3:00pm – 4:30pm
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