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* The ranking is based on the order of project application date

Dr. Daniel Ko

CEO & Founder

Neuropix Smart Medical Neurotechnology for Brain Diseases

Neuropix Company Ltd

Neuropix brings disruptive medical technology innovatively connected to digital healthcare solutions for treating major brain diseases, in a new generation of neurotechnology set to change healthcare.

Using clinical neuromodulation, our European CE approved medical devices are wearable, non-surgical applications for treating brain disorders including depression (the world-leading disease burden by 2030, WHO), migraine and epilepsy. Considering these disorders, there are already over 1.6 and 4 million sufferers that can benefit in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively.

With novel bioelectrical medicines, our devices connect wirelessly to the patient’s smart device for medical analytics, giving better support and improving medical treatment decisions by physicians. The portable medical device system provides a powerful platform for up-to-date analysis of health data and treatment routines, towards truly improving healthcare.

Supported with >10 years medical research, there is now tremendous potential across Asia. Neuropix (Cyberport based company) with our world experts are leading the way, using the medical treatment in cases in major hospitals in Hong Kong & Taiwan. Neuropix is also set to lead the expansion to new treatment pipelines for aging-diseases, including use for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, for the very vulnerable elderly population that will reach 400 million in China alone by 2040.




AQUMON is a Hong Kong-based leading digital wealth management platform. Our mission is to leverage technology to make next-generation investment services smarter, simpler, and more affordable to institutional and individual investors.

Through proprietary algorithms and scalable, technical infrastructure, AQUMON’s automated platform empowers anyone to invest and maximise their returns. Since our launch, we have partnered with 100+ financial institutions, including AIA, China Resources Bank, Affiliate of BOCI and CMB Wing Lung Bank etc.

Since 2019, AQUMON has also launched its Asset Management business to facilitate professional investors with customized, quantamental investment solutions. Our renowned investors include Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, affiliate of BOC International Holdings Limited, Hong Kong Government-backed Cyberport, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Lenovo Capital and Zheng He Capital Management.

The brand is held under Magnum Research Limited and is licensed with Type 1, 4 and 9 under the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong.

Caroline York

Head of Corporate Communications

Dr. Helen HUANG

Director of Research and Development

MG MEDCARE Magnesium Wound Dressing


With increasing scientific discoveries, there is growing interest about the benefits of magnesium (Mg) in organ function and maintenance of health. Mg is anticipated to be a spotlight of the health-maintaining elements in the next decade.

Deficiency of Mg would earmark be the beginning of health deterioration. In the past decade, we have engaged in numerous studies relating to the effects of Mg in tissue regeneration. Now the Start-up MG MEDCARE is established based on the efforts in the past decade and is devoted to translating the research outcomes into high-tech wound healing dressing with medical grade Mg for promotion of wound healing via Mg’s effects on angiogenesis and neurogenesis in tissue regeneration.


Dayta AI – Cyclops

Dayta AI Limited

Dayta AI is a SaaS company with a vision to establish a SmartRetail ecosystem that entails Computer Vision and Business Intelligence.

Under the rise of e-commerce and even the pandemic, the role of brick-and-mortar stores is clearer than ever before- Extending excellent service and building trust and relationships with customers. Nevertheless, traditional solutions either require high up-front cost or long hardware installation time. Our innovative cloud solution, Cyclops, only requires existing surveillance footage to run. Users can manage stores on a real-time basis and understand deeper insights through customized business intelligence reports, as a result implement data-driven strategies to enhance sales and shopper experience.

Dayta AI is the winner of Moet Hennessy Innovation Challenge, ICT Startup Award (Software and Apps) Certificate of Merits, and HKRMA Smart Retail Tech Awards (Technology Startups) Gold Award. The three passionate co-founders are selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2021.

Miranda Huang

Strategy Manager

Martin Zhu


An Energy-free and Low-cost Daytime Passive Radiative Cooling Paint for Energy Saving in Buildings and Decarbonization

I2Cool Limited

This project aims to promote a novel energy-free and environment-friendly passive radiative cooling paint (patented in Hong Kong) for energy-saving and decarbonization. The self-developed and high-performance paint features the edge in solar reflection and thermal emission, resulting its significant sub-ambient cooling effect, without consuming electricity and ozone-depleting refrigerants. We have demonstrated its high effectiveness and wide applicability in various scenarios. Most notably, in a site-building use case (supported by the HKSAR), by applying the cooling paint, the roof surface and the indoor air temperature could be reduced by 20-30 ⁰C and 5-6⁰C, respectively, leading to the 8-10% cooling energy saving potential. Empowered by the remarkable R&D outcomes and the vibrant market environment, the related market potential can be exploited in this project and a promising business prospect is anticipated. We will collaborate with different parties and organizations in building, energy and paint industries to effectively demonstrate and promote our paint product. Continuous product and business upgrade will also be conducted to maintain our technical competence and business sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to achieve remarkable environmental and social impacts, mitigating the energy shortage and climate change, while facilitating overall sustainable development and economic growth in Hong Kong.




Based on Hong Kong's strengths in Chinese medicine, developing Hong Kong's TCM telemedicine and helping to internationalize TCM products

Medical. Bauhinia TCM core business process: as a third-party platform to enable doctors and patients to connect and communicate without barriers For doctors: as a tool for doctors to provide telemedicine solutions and help doctors with patient management and education

For patients: to help patients more conveniently access medical treatment and purchase medicines online.

Medicines. Cross-border e-commerce services for proprietary Chinese medicines, helping overseas high-quality proprietary Chinese medicines enter the mainland market through China's pharmaceutical bonded warehouse policy, helping mainland Chinese proprietary medicine manufacturers to apply for overseas registration as well as helping to open sales channels overseas.

Tian Yuan Yang

CEO & Founder

Chelsea Miu

Brand Director

MAD Gaze Smart Glasses


MAD Gaze is a world's top-notch augmented reality (AR) smart glasses company founded in 2013 who has captured 14.3% global market share in 2020 and won over 50 awards in the industry.

With a team of experts over 20 years’ experience in AR Hardware and Software R&D, MAD Gaze dedicates in developing high-end software and hardware for customers. Its core technologies include AR algorithm, hand gesture recognition, optical technology and won nearly 50 patents.

The Company's objective is to accelerate the world’s adoption of AR by offering highly innovative and economical AR/MR smart glasses. 7 years in the market, MAD Gaze has successfully launched 7 AR smart glasses, including monocular and binocular glasses in both standalone and hybrid versions, and a bone-conduction smartwatch which delivered to over 50 countries and become the bestseller in APAC. MAD Gaze has collaborated with 400 giant enterprises such as Nespresso, Cathay Pacific, IBM, Sony, etc; it is devoted to building innovative smart glasses solutions for both enterprises and consumers to promote digital transformation and accelerate AR deployment in medical, security, education, and other industries.



Benefit Vantage Limited

IPification is building the backbone of mobile authentication of today and tomorrow. Readily available across numerous countries and regions, IPification is trusted by some of the leading technology, payment, and OTT companies worldwide.

IPification is a highly secure, credential-less, authentication solution for frictionless user experience on mobile and IoT devices.

By verifying the mobile device (e.g. a smartphone), SIM & phone number via IP address, this patented technology developed by IPification is enabling mobile user authentication, phone verification, and fraud prevention solutions including SIM and Device Swap detection.

The low-cost deployment model also enables fast implementation.

IPification has been implemented in 33 mobile operators on four continents; 45+ mobile operators currently in the implementation phase.

Founded in 2018, with HQ in Hong Kong, IPification has offices and representatives operating in the U.S., the U.K., Serbia, Switzerland, Bosnia, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Pakistan.

Peter Luk


Colin Ng

CEO & Founder

Functional Hyaluronic Acid and Innovative Microneedle with wide applications in medicine and cosmetics

Greater Bay Biotechnology Limited

Greater Bay Biotechnology focuses on developing innovative technologies in intradermal and transdermal drug delivery, including the frontier technology for cell delivery. With our patented cryomicroneedles (CMNs) platforms, we have developed a new administration route for therapeutic cells.

Cell therapy is booming in regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology and brings hope to patients of life-threatening diseases, however its usage is limited by the storage, transportation and delivery method. Our CMNs could benefit patients of cell therapies as it allows the storage, transportation, and in situ delivery of living cells. In addition to the CMNs platform, we have expertise in other microneedle platforms, providing reliable dissolvable microneedles (dMNs) for drug delivery. The dMN is based on hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial for providing controlled drug release, preservation of bioactivity for biomacromolecules, and precise penetration depths. We have developed dMNs with applications in scar treatment, anti-obesity treatment, anti-aging treatment and can extend to cancer treatment, and cosmetic applications should demand arises. .

We partner with medical institutions, universities, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, and healthcare professionals to invent, develop and validate our platform technologies in cell therapy, medical and cosmetic applications.


"Holoportation" real-time showcasing and interactive device

SyZyGy Limited

“Holoportation”is an interactive experience that can be applied on stage or as venue installation in event industry. This is a box shaped device that can show 1:1 holographic image that seems like a real person is standing inside the box. The hardware of the device is a medium and the software can always be further customized to match with different business use cases.

The device is currently used at Cyberport and is expected to be launched in other types of sectors such as retailing and elderly care. Specifically for event industry, this device is seen as the groundwork for larger holographic stage production opportunities.

Queenie So

Co-founder & CEO

Top 20 Finalists

  • 森寶科技 – 抗病毒、除甲醛自潔耐久塗層
  • Non-invasive Cardiovascular Screening by Hemodynamics
  • Thermal Thick Film Integrated Circuit TTFIC 冷熱厚膜集成電路 and QOOLMATE –未來冰袋
  • 第三代中藥護膚科技的醫療美容場景的應用與商業化
  • 基於骨傳導振動信號 智能手錶虛擬交互鍵盤
  • “Nanocross” Cold Plasma Disinfection System 無菌空間 消毒系統
  • 精密製造工藝設計雲
  • Emotion AI Powered Modern Call Tools and Big Data Platform
  • 中藥產品溯源及驗證平台

* The ranking is based on the order of project application date

Top 50 Finalists

  • Double Offline Mobile Payment for Central Bank Digital Currency
  • 用航天材料 保護益生菌–耐熱耐壓可食用人工孢子
  • PanopticAI Limited 智能禮溫測試方案
  • 人工智能與大數據、新能源與節能環保、智慧生活與出行
  • 大數據人工智能數據分析解決方案
  • 岱麟生態廁所系統內地市場拓展
  • Space-Charge Electret Polymers and Composites with Bacterial Filtrating, Viral Filtrating, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Bactericidal and Virucidal Effects and Use Thereof
  • 綠色先鋒:可持續室內热带海參養殖基地
  • Mobii!全球交通生活服務平台
  • 商務新式供應鏈整合平台
  • 工地智能偵測機械人-提供全方位的勘探及製模方案
  • Invisible Audio Smart Hub & Furniture (隱形聲學及智能傢俱)
  • iPYGG
  • Popping
  • TEE.AI – 次世代人機互動界面與人工STEM編程學習方案
  • One Stop Renovation Ecosystem
  • 横摆锤波浪发电装置
  • FundPark
  • 延展實境(XR) 及創新電競遊戲計劃
  • Trusted Data by Blockchain, New Experience of Trade Finance
  • A.I. Chotbot for Insurance Agency Eco System
  • 新物料防菌配方同质户外木塑复合再生材料
  • ClearQuote
  • 運動電競 / 運動電競機組
  • VAR BOX – eSports VR Gaming Console
  • 名師殿堂網上教學平台
  • Godzpeed Simulator (Software)
  • AiR – 機器人方案平台 ‧ 創新改變未來
  • RPA TOOLBOX℠ (Process Automation as a Service)
  • aPrint – Easy 3D Modelling & Printing For Everyone

* The ranking is based on the order of project application date


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