Any unlisted company incorporated in Hong Kong, regardless of shareholder nationality and establishment period

Entries must involve at least one of the fields of science and technology solicited by the contest

Entries are currently or in the future planning to develop business in Mainland China

How to participate

Fill out the registration form on this page


Upload the latest valid Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate

It is recommended to upload in jpg, png or pdf format

Upload company or project logo (if any)

Opportunity for the logo to be used in promotional materials or on the website in the future

Submit a Pitching Deck

A presentation can be uploaded in PDF, PPT or PPTX format when submitting the application form, or you can email the presentation to [email protected] before the application deadline, with the title of the project.

Suggestions for pitching deck should including but are not limited to the following:

1.Introduce the value and development prospects of the company’s business and innovative technologies
2.Market pain points, target customer groups and scenario application analysis
3.Market size, entry barriers and competitor analysis
4.Pricing, costs and unit economics
5.Business model and market expansion model
6.Founder background, story and team introduction
7.Introduction of incubation programs that have won awards, patents or participated in
8.Future development plans, including mainland china development plans

*The pitching deck will help the judges evaluate the project, and the lack of relevant information will affect the evaluation results.

Submit a 1-2 minute short video introduction

The short video is not mandatory information. The short video will be used for judging to understand the project. The organiser will also have the opportunity to use the short video to help the project match up with partners and investors. If the final top ten projects are selected, the official website of the conference will also publish it.

After submitting the registration form, participants can email to [email protected] before the registration deadline, with the title of the project and the video download link attached to the content of the email.

Video format:
Length : 1-2 minutes
File Size Limit : 256MB
Resolution : 1920 x 1080
Language: Mandarin is the main language (Cantonese is also available), if necessary, English can be assisted

Selection mechanism

After Application Deadline


Online screening and scoring by the semi-final assessors

The top 25 projects were selected to
enter the semi-finals

Projects that successfully advance to the top 25 will be notified of the results by July 30, 2022


The on-site pitching of the top 25 projects will be evaluated by the semi-final assessors

Top 10 projects selected to enter the final

Projects that successfully qualify for the top 10 will be notified of their results by August 10, 2022


The on-site pitching of the top 10 projects will be evaluated by the final judge panel

Select the champion, runner-up and 2nd runner-up to represent Hong Kong
Play in the global finals

All pitching will be recorded and broadcast online

Selection criteria

Application Potential - The areas where the technology can be applied and whether there is potential growth in the market.

Innovation and Protection - The technical or commercial innovation of the project and the intellectual property protection measures planned or taken.

Team background - education, work experience, entrepreneurial experience, relevant technical background.

Commercial Viability - Whether the project's business model is feasible and adaptable to market development.

Contest Application Form

Contest Registration Form

Contact Person Information

The following information will only be used for contest communication and will not be made public.

Project Mandatory Information

The content filled in below may be displayed on the official website and related statistics or reports of the contest.
*In order to avoid inaccurate translation of the content, participants are requested to fill in the content in both Chinese and English.
No more than 300 Chinese characters are recommended
No more than 200 English words are recommended
Received funding from the following institutions (optional more than one)
The project involves the field of science and technology (optional more than one) *
The current development needs of the project (optional more than one) *
Terms and Conditions
1. I (the company) guarantee that the participating project is an original project and there is no intellectual property dispute.
2. I (the company) agree that the organisers and the co-organisers will not take any responsibility for the projects submitted by me (the company). It is also agreed that I will be responsible for all the claim and monetary loss related to my submitted project.
3. I (the company) declare that the company was a Hong Kong registered company.
4. I (the company) know that 3 projects will be selected from the Hong Kong Chapter of the 2022 "Maker in China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest to represent Hong Kong to participate in the 2022 "Maker in China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest Semi-finals and compete for the global finals. I also agree to participate in any technology project docking and cooperation activities with mainland enterprises and technology parks recommended by members of the contest organising committee during or after the contest.
5. I (the company) understand the rules and conditions of participating in the contest, and agree to fully abide by it.
6. I (the company) agree the organisers and co-organisers have the right to publicize and exhibit the participating projects for various purposes, as deemed appropriate by the organisers and co-organisers at their absolute discretion.

Terms and Condition for Rewards
1.Cyberport will offer each of the top 10 finalists a 3-month complimentary use of the Flexi-space at Cyberport Smart-Space.
2.One flexible desk per company, subject to availability.
3.Angel Investment Foundation and Cyberport reserves the right of final decision.
4.Redemption deadline: 31 October, 2022.

I (the company) agree to and fully understand the contents of this undertaking, promise to abide by all relevant rules, and bear the consequences of violating this undertaking.

Personal Data Collection Statement
Collection purpose
All personal information provided by the participants will only be used for the following purposes:
(i) Registration and Verification of Eligibility for the Contest;
(ii) Communication with contestants;
(iii) Announcement for the Contest Results and Prize Presentation;
(iv) To identify contestants in matters concerning the publication, publication, promotion and exhibition of entries;
(v) Other purposes related to the competition.
Remark :
1. Contestants submitting this form are deemed to authorise Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co., Ltd. and Angel Investment Foundation Ltd. to promote the registered projects globally and connect with investors during or after the contest.
2.* is a required part.

Upload related documents

Contestants can submit this application form first. All supplementary documents can be emailed to [email protected] before the deadline for registration on 8 July 2022
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Upload File size limit to 256MB, Only accept in PDF, PPT or PPTX file formats.
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Upload File size limit to 256MB, Only accept in PDF, JPG or PNG file formats.
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Upload File size limit to 256MB, Only accept in PDF, AI, JPG or PNG file formats.
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Upload File size limit to 256MB, Only accept in MP4 file format.